December 22, 2019 – A Season of Love

A Season of Love

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, Jesus, as a gift of grace, to the world; so that whoever believes in Jesus as their Savior – as the one came to die upon a cross and take our punishment for our sins and rise again to eternal life – will never perish but will instead experience eternal life with Him.

I love the Charlie Brown Christmas special, wherein Charlie is searching for the true meaning of Christmas.  I find it notable that all of the kids involved in the Christmas pageant know about the basic story, as they are being cast in the roles of shepherds and inn keeper, ect – but when the time comes to rehearse – they abandon the story and move into a celebration that seems to have really nothing to do with the Nativity story. I have nothing against celebration, but I do think it is important to not miss the point. They know the story – perhaps too well. Perhaps they have heard it so many times – it doesn’t seem to have any impact.

And then Charlie cries out “Doesn’t anyone know the real meaning of Christmas?” Linus steps up, recites Luke 2 – and everything changes.  The group ultimately finds themselves as a community in worship.

This Christmas Season – don’t let the business drown out that oh so familiar story – but take the time to really listen – to hear it again as if for the first time. And may God richly bless you and yours this season of Love.