December 15, 2019 – Of Shepherds and Wisemen

Of Shepherds and Wisemen: A Royal Invitation

Luke 2, Matthew 2

Have you ever been to the Louvre in Paris to see the Mona Lisa? Or at least seen a picture of people wanting to see the painting?  The room is crammed with cell phones raised high, trying to get a shot of the rather small, yet incredibly famous painting.  A clear shot, I would imagine, would be rare indeed. Imagine spending time alone with the painting.

When I consider the story of the Nativity, I am struck by the contrast. Instead of crowds, we see a few humble shepherds invited to ‘find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes’, and years later, some Magi from the east enter a humble home to present gifts and worship a small child. No selfies, no media blitz, no crowds.  

Simple.   Belief.   Personal.   Worship.

At Christmas, we are reminded that we are all invited to come and worship the King. No matter our past, our positions in life, our possessions, or what we believe to be our power – we are invited, like the Shepherds and the Wisemen, to seek Jesus.

And when we read the scriptures, we find that because they sought Him with hope and expectation, they were somehow led right to Him.

And in that moment, they came in a very personal way, to believe in Him, and worship Him.  And I am sure, after their experiences, their lives were never the same again.

The invitation is ours as well.  He invites me, and He invites you, to seek Him, to know Him and to follow Him. The invitation, and the opportunity, is personal.

If you seek Him with Hope and Expectation, I promise, you will find Him.

O Come let us adore Him, Christ the King.