November 24, 2019 – Of Sheep and Angels

Matthew 18:10-14

One summer, a long time ago, we went for a vacation on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.  Part of the trip was to be a trip around the famous Cabot Trail.  Halfway up ‘Smokey Mountain’, our engine began to give off a distinct burning smell.  It didn’t dawn on me that carrying all our camping gear and luggage, and enough food for a month – up this mountain in a little 4 cylinder Acadian –  could prove problematic.  But it did.

At the top, there is a look out to enjoy the view. I pulled over, got out of the car, and couldn’t see the view for the worry.  “What if I can’t get the car to start again?” “What if the car becomes ‘Old Smokey’ on Smokey Mountain?” “What if we are stranded up here?” (This was before cell phones)

Just as I was about to go into a real frenzy of worry, a gentleman came over to talk to me. He smiled. A nice smile. He told me not to worry. His car had the same smell, but that it would cool down in time.  He took a moment to point out to me the incredible scenery from our vantage point. Then he walked me to my car, took a sniff over the engine, said everything was fine, walked back to his big WHITE car (not kidding), closed his hood, waved goodbye, and drove away. I followed right behind him, but as I turned a corner on the mountain – his car was gone.

All the way down the mountain – his car was out of sight!  Hmmmm. A lesson.

I (not Cathy) was getting frantic, a little lost (despite my faith), and then along came this person at just the right time, to calm my nerves, help me see the big picture, and let me know that we were all right.  I was at peace. And then he was gone.

Scripture talks about ‘entertaining angels’, doesn’t it?  Matthew 18:10 tells us that as believers, we have angels (plural) who are always watching the face of God, Who is watching over us … and when He sees our need … they are dispatched to do His will.  Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14 

Was my friend on the mountain an angel?  Maybe.  We did see him a few days later carrying an umbrella for a few ladies during a downpour at Fort Louisbourg.  But that’s OK. That is their story to tell.

All I know, was that for a moment, I was getting lost (like a sheep) in worry, and then out of nowhere, I was brought peace.

God is good.